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Seattle Pioneer Square Engagement | Courtney + Cameron

You guys.  It's officially Spring!!!!!!  Living in Portland and shooting a lot in Seattle, I cannot express to you enough how ready I am for some sun in my life.  This has been a brutal winter for many of us pacific north westerners; we're over it.  

All that being said though, I definitely didn't hate this particular rainy day in Seattle.. Courtney + Cameron had originally planned on an earthy Discovery Park session, but when the forecast wouldn't budge from 100% rain, we decided on a little studio sesh instead.  

I honestly love these homey sessions and these two were so sweet all cuddled up together.  We ended up running around Pioneer Square in the rain for a bit afterward because, well, Seattle.... and it gave the perfect little contrast to the studio vibe.  

I love how different these images will be from their Bellingham photos this summer and couldn't be more excited to shoot their wedding in my fave city!