I have a confession to make... I don't usually love black and white photos.  I can appreciate other photographer's b&w's but with my own work, I tend to steer toward color editing all the time, with just a few b&w sprinkled in for the client's sake. Well, my friends, this newborn session changed that for me.  While working on these guys, I found myself wanting to turn almost ALL of them black and white.  I am in love with the little shadows and mood that it created and as a little experiment, this post is going to be all black and white.  Let me know what side you're on!  Do you have big love for color or do you typically choose to print your own photos in black and white??

babye-1babye-9babye-11babye-18babye-23babye-30babye-31babye-40babye-42babye-49babye-58 babye-77babye-74 babye-99babye-93 babye-110babye-103babye-118babye-125 Okay, I lied... I have to have one full of beautiful spring colors babye-128