I am not known for my amazing sense of direction.  I rarely know which mountain I see in the distance and I have all my friends' addresses in my car's GPS because I just don't trust myself to get there on my own.  I'm not proud of these things, but they're also not high priority on my list of self-improvement .. well I should probably learn my mountains to prepare for my son's questions, but I digress... I met this fantastic couple at Discovery Park and our goal was to take some cute shots on the way down to the water, where we really wanted to be.. the only problem is, we could not figure out which way to go.  After asking many strangers and following, what I'm sure was, the most indirect path down, we finally made it!  It ended up being a great way to hear their story and get to know them, and these two troopers still looked amazing after our little hike.  Their easy going style made me even more excited to photograph their wedding next spring!


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I love how she's leading him into their bright future here..engagement photos-9623PicMonkey Collage2engagement photos-9669engagement photos-9672engagement photos-9701-2engagement photos-9702engagement photos-9716engagement photos-9738engagement photos-9741engagement photos-9759-3engagement photos-9765engagement photos-9775engagement photos-9791engagement photos-9810engagement photos-9749-2engagement photos-9798

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