I don't know where to start with this little family... they are just so cute and so loving, I can't get enough.  Seattle was very dreary for us this day and Mr. Nolan was not necessarily super sleepy, but honestly, I don't really care about that little stuff... I love photographing newborns as they are in that very moment..  a moment that, as new parents, is so hard to remember correctly after even a year due to sleepless nights and a cocktail of love + exhaustion, a moment that we will never get back - let's capture that! And in return, Baby Nolan gave us loving glances at his mom and dad, sleeping angleboy photos and lots of cuddles in between.  One thing's for sure: this little guy LOVES being with mom + dad and I don't blame him. There is really nothing like being around new parents with their little one and I am SO thankful to Kylee + Troy for opening their home to me so soon after bringing him home.

I am ready to come back soon ;)

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