So with the holiday family sessions bustling this year, I have fallen waaay behind in blogging.  Sadly, this means that one of the most meaningful shoots I've participated in has gone undocumented and it needs to be resolved! Meet the Shutts Family... when Jen contacted me to take their first official family photos, I was immediately a little emotional.  They were in the midst of adopting their foster children and after knowing other couples who had gone through the foster to adopt program, I had an idea of how amazing the family must be.  It takes extremely special people to go through the sometimes tumultuous ride  that is adoption and because I knew I couldn't really do it justice, I asked Jen to write up her own little blog intro.

From Jen:

"Since we could not conceive on our own, my husband and I decided that there are far too many children that are drug exposed, neglected or from abusive homes. And that is just here in our backyard-- Washington State! Decision made. I'm not going to say the road was easy; it was an emotional roller coaster with severe ups and downs that had us questioning if this was the right passage. But deep in my heart, this was what we are called to do. It tears me up to think of all the local kids that need a home, that deserve a home at no fault of their own. My husband and I were blessed with two brothers that are born on the same day, just one year apart. Magically, it is my husband's birthday as well. Kismet I say! We have not adopted them yet, but the road is coming to a close on that journey and soon another adventure will start These photos are our first official family photos to transition from foster family to our forever family :)"


These boys were so dang cute and though one had a cold and it was a pretty miserable day out, we were still able to get some great shots and the whole day just reminded me how important it is to capture real family moments.

Thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of your day



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