I had the pleasure of meeting up with B+S for their engagement session a couple weeks ago and they pretty much blew me away.  Both of them laugh so easily, which is by far my favorite characteristic in someone and their chemistry is just off the charts.  I would find myself going silent behind the camera, (which if you know me is NOT normal) because they were doing their own thing so well.  Bethany and Scotty, I am so excited to shoot your wedding next Summer and can't wait to plan a bit with you along the way! xoxoMoore_0716Moore_0696 Moore_0698Moore_0699Moore_0700Moore_0701Moore_0702Moore_0703Moore_0704Moore_0705Moore_0706Moore_0707Moore_0708Moore_0709JsoltmanphotographyB+S-24Moore_0711Moore_0712Jsoltmanphotography-79Jsoltmanphotography-98Jsoltmanphotography-93JsoltmanphotographyB+S-23Moore_0717Moore_0719Moore_0720Moore_0721Moore_0722 Moore_0713