A little context: Lately, my 3.5 year old boy has been asking (interrogating) me a lot about my job.  What exactly am I doing when he gets dropped off at Nana's, or has a babysitter; WHO exactly am I taking photos of, and could he please help me work in the evening on the computer??

I think it's pretty fun to chat with him about it and I'm (not so secretly) a little pleased that it's not ALL about Dad's cool car job anymore.  Mom works too!

So this evening, sometime between playing "Baker the Knight" and "Let's wait on the doorstep for Dad to come home because mommy is TIRED," my little Baker man asked me for a photoshoot.  I offered to take a photo of him on my phone but that was unacceptable - I must use my big camera with my big lens.

You don't have to ask me twice kid.


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