Gina + Damon.  In my favorite city.  SO great. The first time chatting with Gina on the phone about their wedding plans, I knew we'd be a great fit.  She was friendly, organized and excited.  After learning a bit about the bride and groom, as well as her family, I was super excited to capture all the love + energy they would bring.

Well my friends, they did not disappoint.  With a great big wedding party and family involved every step of the way, the day was just vibrating with love.   Elegance, laughter, sisters, fun, LOVE, and Backstreet Boys were just a few of the themes throughout.

Both Damon and Gina were extremely gracious and just the loveliest people to be around.  The toasts made me laugh and tear up, which is the perfect combination if you ask me, and their friends and family were full of smiles and support.

Gina and Damon, thank you for choosing me to tell your story in photos; let's do it all again in 10 years, yes?!


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