Friends!  It's almost Christmas!  And I have more Spirit than ever before because I'm watching the magic through my son's eyes.  As an almost 4 year old, he's at that funny age where EVERYTHING is amazing.  One minute he's singing about Jesus being the best gift, and the next he's telling me the only thing that matters is that he get a candy cane on Christmas Day.  He's now tried egg nog AND hot chocolate (loves both obviously) and yells "Christmas lights"!!!! every time we pass them when it's dark out. I know it's as cliche as they come, but there really is something so wonderful about the holidays with those tiny little people by your side and it makes this post all that more special.

Alissa and Jesse welcomed Baby Grant a little over a week ago and I loved that I was able to capture their new family.  These two were a couple of the most relaxed new parents I've ever seen and we took our time, pausing for changes, nursing, rocking and a little chit-chat.  Baby G's just as sweet as can be and it was such a pleasure spending the quiet time with them before they welcome family in for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


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