From Britt:

We're the OGs of online daters; we met on MySpace.  We were both growing up in Medford, Oregon but went to different schools.  

After talking online for a few months our parents dropped us of at the movies to meet for the first time.

Being a teenager is hard, and to meet someone you can truly trust and who can be your best friend as you go through those strange years was a blessing

Ath that age, I had no idea this person would be someone I'd spend forever with.  We saw each other a couple times a week and it was always so exciting.

Jameson would print out movie covers and hang them up in the room, have snacks set up adorably, and always let me choose from the movie options.  I admired the creativity and thoughtfulness he put it.  I just knew he was a good person.

I've always been inspired by him because of the way he lives life and loves others.  We've always understood each other and wanted the best for each other so, whatever has come our way, we've worked through it together.  

Love is making the choice over and over again to do life together and it's just never been an option to do it separately.  

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