You know that overused saying "all the feels"?? Well I kind of hate it, but it also happens to perfectly describe Kelsey + Sam's wedding.  There were multiple eye watering moments during their respective vows, the speeches were seriously killer, and there was just SO much joy surrounding them the whole day.  Loved ones were incredibly happy for the two of them finding each other, and it was mentioned over and over again throughout the evening.  

And can we talk about Kelsey's dresses??? The pair decided to greet their friends + fam before the ceremony with a cocktail hour which is genius.  I love a little anti-tradition thrown in every once in a while and this way, they were able to say hello to everyone without feeling rushed.  Their wedding was perfectly THEM and it couldn't have been any better.  

I can't thank these two kind souls enough for allowing me to take part in their wedding day, and I wish you a lifetime of laughter together with your family, which I know, for you two, will come easily.